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Rhinoplasty is the cosmetic surgery of the nose. This treatment intends to customize the shape of the nasal pyramid (either partly or completely) and can likewise if needed proper nasal breathing problems. The outcome needs to be a nose in harmony with the facial functions, and which represents the personality and expectations of the client. The method uses cuts concealed inside the nostrils and renovates the bone and cartilage which provide each nose its distinct shape. The skin covering these components will be re-draped and will adapt to the new nose. This point reveals the significance of the quality of the skin for the final result which is gotten with no noticeable scar. This procedure performed both for men and women, can be done from the age of 16, when growth is total.

This operation is typically performed under basic anesthesia be more effective. The nose may be made smaller or corrected, a bump eliminated, the suggestion may be redefined, the septum might be aligned or the nostrils decreased in size. In many cases a cartilage or bone graft will be used to fill a hollow zone, to support part of the nose or redefine the idea. Stitches: The incisions are closed with fine sutures, typically liquifying ones. Dressings and splints: The nostrils are loaded with gauze. An external dressing of tape is used then a splint of plaster, plastic or metal is molded and repaired to the nose, this can sometimes encompass the forehead. The operation can take in between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on the particular requirements and complexity of the case.

The nasal pack makes it difficult to breathe through the nose which is a problem for the first couple of days. Swelling can be observed around the eyelids with bruising which is variable in degree and duration for each patient. During the first couple of days rest is encouraged, with no physical pressure. The pack is removed 2 to 5 days after the procedure. The initial splint is normally removed from the face within 5 to 8 days after surgery, to be changed by a smaller splint for a couple of more days. The nose will appear bigger since of swelling and it will still be challenging to breathe because of swelling of the lining of the nose and possible scabs in the nostrils. The visible indications of the operation will disappear slowly and a return to typical social and expert life is possible after 10 to 20 days. Sport and strenuous workout should be prevented for 3 months.

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